Why Do People Think Long Span Shelving & Racking is a Good Idea?

What are long span shelves?

My friend who works for One Call Warehouse gave me a good explanation of what this storage unit is. “Long span shelves are heavy-duty shelf units that can be assembled to suit the user’s needs”. For the most part, they are used in commercial locations. Bulky, heavy and long items often present storage problems for businesses and factories that long span shelves can solve.

Why use these units?

As opposed to conventional wooden shelves, people often prefer long span units to meet their storage needs. Their wooden cousins will not stand heavy loads and will bow, or break, over time. Long span shelves are made of more durable materials, like steel, that will bear heavy loads for many years. This makes it an economical choice when it comes to long-term daily storage.

The modular design of long span shelving adds flexibility. Since space is always at a premium, being able to “build to suit” is an advantage. The horizontal shelves can be adjusted to varying heights to fit individual needs.

Top pallet storage is one of the biggest advantages of long span shelving. These shelves are available in assorted weight bearing, pre-fabricated sections. It is made to stand the tremendous weights of pallets of merchandise or materials.

You get to choose what weight capacity, height, depth and spacing you need, making long span shelves attractive to the user. Before you buy any pallet racking systems keep in mind that it requires some maintenance to ensure safety of your employees.

Steps On How To Efficiently Maintain Your Warehouse and Pallet Racks

When you have a business and you are planning to sell goods it is very important to have a warehouse. Warehouses are usedimage of a warehouse in australia for storage of goods and products. However, warehouses are not small so they really need to be maintained well. If these storage places are not maintained properly, then there is a big possibility that people who work in there will not be productive enough. With this, it is very important to maintain the warehouse. Let us look into necessary tips on how to efficiently maintain your warehouse and the pallet racking systems in it.


The first thing that has to be done is make a maintenance plan. This maintenance plan serves as a very important tool that make sure that all machines and equipment inside the warehouse are checked regularly. It is important to have a checklist as to what things have to be checked daily, weekly, monthly and annually. By doing all these things, your machines and equipment will not have a very serious damage. For more detailed information about pallet racking, shelving systems and rack protectors, please visit One Call Warehouse website.

Another important thing to help in maintaining your warehouse is to train your employees. The employees are the people who do the work for you and these are also the people who usually operate the machines and equipment. If your warehouse has a lot of machines and other electrical equipment, it is necessary to train your employees first before they operate the machines. By doing this thing, you are reducing costs by avoiding further accident to the employee and at the same time, they cannot bring damage to these equipment anymore. It is also important to check on their work more closely. For instance at what time of the day are the employees working more faster and more productive at what they do. If your warehouse does not involve machines, then study that. You can also ask help from IT personnel on how to develop a certain system or software that can help in organizing your goods products. This may take time and could also be expensive but this is also very important because it will improve productivity and therefore it will increase the sales of your company.

Lastly, it is very important to have a good system in inventory. It is very important to develop a certain system about the inventory. For example, you are going to store those products that are not very popularly purchased in the shelves above because they are not usually bought and it does not really make your employees feel tired to go up. However, it is important to store those products that are usually bought at the lower parts and this will help save the time of your workers. Accurate inventory will help in having productivity.


In summary, being productive is very important if you own a warehouse. Being productive means saving time, working efficiently and faster, and getting the right things done. By being efficient, there is a big possibility that the sales of your company will increase in such a short period of time.


Here is a Slideshare presentation with more information on warehouse layout design and process-setup. This will indirectly have an impact on maintenance.

Glass coating on shower screens

If you have a glass shower screen, you need to think about the coating you may want to use of the surface of the glass. Shower screens are constantly in contact with grime dirt and scum that may overtime fog the surface of your screen. We all install glass shower screen because we want the ability to see through, however cleaning regularly can be pain taking and fortunately there are way in which we can reduce cleaning time by 95%.

shower screen

Quality Coating

Just as other surfaces such as tiles and porcelain, glass can be treated in order to increase the life expectancy and maintain a good-looking surface for a longer time. There are several coating options that can be applied including silicon, Teflon and coating which sticks to the surface at a molecular level. The latest option is currently the market leading and will maintain your glass longer. As explained by Hill coating does not crack or disappear after normal washes. Normally the molecular coating come with lifetime warranty which takes away the hassle of re applications further down the track.